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Tagos your partner in polyurethane systems

Since 1965 Tagos manufactures two component systems for the manufacture of polyurethane, polyisocyanurate and polyurea polymers.
Decades long experience, full knowledge of the polyurethane chemistry, high quality of the raw materials, cooperation with raw material manufacturers, customization of finished products make Tagos the best partner for the most demanding clients and applications.

Certification ISO 14021
Certification ISO 14001
Certification ISO 14001

Tagos polyurethane systems. The ideal solution for:

isolamento termico edilizia

Thermal insulation in construction

Sustainability has become the most required feature in construction. The thermal insulation of the building envelope allows to reduce energy consumption and running costs for the whole lifespan, guaranteeing the sustainability of buildings.

isolamento termico industria e trasporti

Industry and transportation

From petrochemical plants to LNG terminals, from refrigerated warehouses to trucks for foodstuffs, from fishing vessels to reefers: rigid polyurethane foam is the most efficient and most used insulation material.



The preservation of foodstuff is based on refrigeration from harvest to our dining table. Rigid polyurethane foam, efficient and cost effective, is the only thermal insulation material used in the manufacture of home and commercial appliances.

Tradition and innovation: a winning combination

Tagos is committed to offer innovative polyurethane systems developed through intense R&D activity and constant updating of its technology base.

The Busto Arsizio (VA) facility, with its 6,000 sq.meters, boasts advanced production and storage equipment with distributed control systems that ensure not only constant quality but also rapid tailoring of production to customer requirements.


The customer at the centre of company organization


The chemical and technological laboratories and qualified technical staff of Tagos offer a true partnership with customers, a relationship that starts with the initial design of the thermal insulating systems in the various sectors of application and that continues beyond delivery with prompt, expert technical assistance service.

For Tagos, customers are its greatest asset: this is why the company undertakes to provide solutions tailored to meet their requirements.

Tagos modern laboratories develop customized products, monitor continuous improvement in quality and environmental care, and provide impeccable technical assistance.

Tagos quality is certified, and more

Tagos has developed an integrated quality and environmental management system
that is certified under EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015.