Industrial thermal insulation

Industrial thermal insulation

Where effective industrial thermal insulation is a must, Tagos supplies products suitable for temperature from -200 to +140 °C.

Decades long experience has been developed in continuous cooperation with engineering companies in the field of transport and storage of liquefied gases (LPG, LEG, LNG, …), petrochemical plants, storage terminals of chemicals.

Tagos responds to the requirements of thermal insulation at cryogenic conditions with high and consistent quality, innovative drive, responsive customer care service even taking care of the training of installation crews on the right use of our products.

This is the added value that Tagos can guarantee to the field of the industrial thermal insulation and protection of structures from corrosion and abrasion.

The right solution for each customer

Tagos polyurethane and polyurea systems are used for:

  • Molding of cryogenic pipe supports at -165 °C
  • Preinsulated pipes and storage tanks for liquefied gas vessels
  • District heating pipe networks
  • In situ dispensed thermal insulation of storage tanks, pipe networks, valves and flanges
  • Deep water and mooring buoys
  • Anticorrosion protection of offshore rigs, pipeline networks, storage tanks, water basins, wastewater treatment plants



Guandong LNG: all the cryogenic pipe supports for the Guandong, China, LNG terminal are insulated with PU foam made with our systems


Power Piping International is a world scale cryogenic pipe supports for LNG lines operating at -165 °C. Thanks to the cooperation with our R&D engineers PPI have designed an innovative cryogenic pipe support with integral thermal insulation, the only one in the world with 360° insulation ring molded in one single shot, up to 300mm thick and at 320 kg/m3 density.

The system that has been developed guarantees low thermal conductivity and very high compressive strength at cryogenic conditions.