Tagos has innovative solutions for the manufacturers of refrigerators, home and professional appliances, deep freezers, cold counters.

In the continuous quest for new and better solutions, Tagos has cooperated with European manufacturers in their growth, assisting and helping them in the adoption of polyurethane systems blown with blowing agents having  very low Greenhouse Warming Potential (GWP), based on the 4th generation HFOs (hydrofluoroolefines), cyclo/iso pentane mixtures, CO2 blowing, always obtaining polyurethane foams with the lowest thermal conductivity values, lower environmental impact and best cost / benefit ratio.

The right solution for each customer

Tagos can offer innovative and effective PU systems for:

  • Home and professional appliances
  • Blast chillers
  • Refrigerated counters and displays
  • Cold cells and holders



Stainless steel refrigerated counter


Horizontal refrigerated display


Tagos hydrocarbon blown polyurethane systems are successfully used by Desmon SpA for the manufacture of holders and professional refrigerators