TAGOS SRL becomes part of the PLIXXENT Group

We are pleased to announce that the business of TAGOS S.r.l (TAGOS) was today acquired by PLIXXENT Holding GmbH (PLIXXENT).

PLIXXENT is Europe’s leading independent polyurethane systems house based in Germany, with manufacturing operations in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom as well as 9 further sales locations in Europe.
The group has an annual turnover of €250M and 320 employees.

PLIXXENT’s purchase of TAGOS provides the opportunity for expansion into Italy and South Europe, whilst TAGOS will benefit from the range of products, resources and technical expertise made available to it by the wider PLIXXENT group.

All employees and directors from TAGOS continue with the business, so there won’t be any changes in the day-to-day contacts with the company.

In the future, all business will be conducted under the name TAGOS S.r.l., whereby we will continue to use the TAGOS trade names with which you are very familiar.

If you have any questions or would like to know further details, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
info@tagos.it – +39-0331344026